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Top 6 reasons why clients hire our law firm as opposed to anybody else

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Hello, everyone. I’m Mark Astror, I am the founder of Baker Act Attorneys. In this video, I want to talk to you about the top six reasons why clients have started to hire our law firm as opposed to anybody else, to secure their loved ones release from a Baker facility.

Number one, we’re specialists. We only handle Baker cases, not divorce cases, not car accidents, not criminal defense cases. Just bakerax.

Number two, we’re experienced I have over 27 years as a proxy lawyer. I’m licensed in Florida, Massachusetts, the District of Columbia, and also the Southern District Federal bar here in Florida.

Number three, we’re familiar with the Bayfirect. This is it, chapter 394, all 123 pages of it. And I’ve been dealing with this statute since I was a young lawyer beginning in 1994.

Number four, we have the contacts. We have the contacts with the facilities. We have contacts with the clerks of the courts. We have contacts with the lawyers that represent these facilities. So we’re familiar with all the people that we’re going to need to talk to to get your case moving.

Number five, I have a team. I have a licensed clinical social worker on staff to put together a treatment permit if we need to, and we need something to present to a court. I have two private investigators on my team. I have a processor who can serve documents and papers to facilities all over the state of Florida.

And number six, I can get things moving really quickly because I have a team in place. We can get your case moving very fast. We know when you come to us it’s an emergency. And normally from the time you call me until the time this case is filed and the facility is placed on notice, 3 hours hours, that’s it. That’s all it takes. But time is of the essence in these cases. And if you want to get your loved one out, we need to move fast. So those are the top six reasons to consider hiring us.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you. Bye.

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