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Hello, everyone! Welcome to another edition of the Drug and Alcohol Attorney’s video newsletter.

I want to talk to you about asset protection in this particular video. How do you protect your assets, the things you have been building and acquiring that will hopefully be there when you look to retire. It could be your house, equities that you have in the stock market, a collection of cars, or antique things. How do you protect those?

In our work, we’re helping people whose loved ones have substance use or mental illness. How do you make sure that when you pass, your loved one not only can use those assets when they’re needed? How do you ensure that those assets are not diluted used to feed a habit? More importantly, they’re there if your loved one needs help, and they can use them to fund recovery right treatment potentially.

We’re living in crazy times right now. We’re in the middle of this Covid pandemic, so people are dying. If you want to talk about asset protection, my colleague is phenomenal. She’s amazing. I’m going to encourage you and recommend you to give her a call. You can read about her on the Drug and Alcohol Attorney’s website. We give a free consultation, so call us if you’re concerned about protecting your assets. We want to help you. Thanks once again, and be safe.

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