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These words went straight to my heart. It was as if God answered my prayers for our Son. The very second I dialed the phone number. I was treated like we madder. Within an hour we were contacted by Mark him self. He listened to our problem & with much surprise had the immediate legal action to get our son released. We did everything over the phone and internet. He knew I was unable to travel to his office due to my husbands disability care needs. We just want to say Thank You Mark & your team for making this nightmare over in less than a day. Forever beholding your respect & kindness. Anyone out there needing help. Take the time to call this man. You won’t regret it. Our Son got his life back.


Unfortunately I met mark in terrible times but thankfully I did as he was able to help me get my 12 year old daughter who is autistic free from being Baker acted by a place that saw her as nothing more than insurance money. My daughter has the mind of a 5 year old so you could only imagine the fear she had being away from the only people she knows and trust. I am deeply thankful for the fast and prompt work mark did, within 2 days I was able to have my daughter in my arms agian. I would highly recommend him if you are in need of help. Even though mark did a great job I hope I never have to use him again as this was one of the hardest experiences i have ever had to deal with. Thanks again mark!

Jeremy H.

I am grateful to Mark for securing the release of my wife after she was placed on Baker active status for the second time in a week. Without a court order I don’t see how my wife would have ever left the hospital on her own accord since the psychiatrist was trying to prove she had dementia, bipolar and anorexia all at once. As a vulnerable senior, the hospital was only too happy to Baker Act my wife without ever consulting me as to her fragile health status. Thanks Mark. I am very happy we had you on our side.

Linda B.

Hiring mark astor was the best decision i EVER made. if it werent for mark astor and his team of professionals my daughter would have been institutionalized for a very long time. she made a mistake which the hospitals took full advantage of. she was isolated and mistreated to the point where she was lost and terrified.
mark put his vacation on hold and used his skills to have my daughter released to her family 24 hours after i spoke to him. after two days of nurturing, ruby has slept and eaten for the first time in days. her memory of the events of the past 6 days has returned. shes smiled for the first time in a week.
We can never thank you enough!


Attention!! MARK ASTOR IS WHO YOU WANT ON YOUR SIDE FOR BAKER ACT ASSISTANCE!!! The testimonial you are about to read is real! The former litigant writing this testimonial hired Mark Astor. He is Real! Specifically, Mark is “Real Fierce” and NOT intimidated by the threats of Facilities who abuse their power for gain of money! You want a real testimonial and need REAL help?? Keep reading!! My son was sent to one of the state of Florida’s worst inpatient facilities in the State of Florida, under the involuntary Baker Act. enacted by the sheriff’s office.This occurred while my son was with his father. The court had issued a temporary time sharing order for our children, requiring my son to go stay with his father who has been neglectful and callous towards him. My son had an altercation with his father, who, being willfully ignorant of my son’s needs, called the police over my son’s “verbiage” used out of anger and desperation to get away from his father. My son expressed/ repeated the words he’d said to his father, expressing he had no feelings NOR intentions of harming himself, yet the police placed him under Baker Acted and took MY son to “the nearest facility” for an involuntary assessment. Riverpoint Behavioural Health admitted my son, finding him stable enough to designate his own guardian to oversee the legalities of his stay and act on his behalf. They called me and I immediately took care of the paperwork and began contacting them and my son ASAP. My son said to me on the first call. “This place is a walking red flag.” and told me of some things he’s already seen occur. I did my research and found 123 reviews pop up of this facility, rated 1.7 out of 5 stars. There were multiple stories from people being involuntarily held due to having “Good Insurance/ this facility milking the insurance money and starving patients of treatment and humane care.” Further research uncovered lawsuits against the facility for fraud, neglect, including a recent multi million dollar lawsuit settlement with the Federal Government. I began calling my son as often as allowed and typing out details of each interaction, along with detailed notes of information given by nurses and therapists who contacted me with progress both on inbound and outbound calls. My son did NOT belong there as their observations relayed to me were supportive of what I knew. My son was sane and being held BOTH against his will and my own. The sounds of children in the background screaming, cursing, physically fighting, coupled with the 72 hour holding period falling around midnight on Friday made me very worried. The distress in my son’s voice was heartbreaking as he was watching kids mistreated by staff and older children bullying/ physically hitting smaller children unable to protect themselves. I discovered the facility was making note of daily evaluations that were NOT occuring, stating my son was “still saying he was actively having SI.” My son confirmed more than 2x he hadn’t been seen by the doctor (who is the only one who can sign the final release paperwork) I confronted the staff with this on a Friday afternoon, citing I had done my research, he was being illegally detained and demanded he be seen by the doctor and the doctor call me personally, telling me when I could pick him up OR giving VALID reason why he was being held. The therapist immediately became defensive on the phone and said she would call the doctor back on the floor to see my son and have him call me, but my son was lying about NOT being seen. (That was about as true as “Hell has an ice skating rink!” The doctor called me back at 6:52 pm that Friday evening. He asked me: “What are you thinking?” I recanted with the question: “You mean; What am I thinking regarding when I feel my son should be released?” He confirmed, “Yes’. I spoke boldly, mentioning my keeping of detailed records. I informed the “good doctor” I had already been called by a discharge coordinator the day prior, and had NEVER received a call from my son’s overseeing doctor as had been promised for 2 days .” I firmly stated: “I want him released tonight.” “Let him go.” When the doctor came back with, “I don’t know about tonight… maybe tomorrow.”, I recanted that keeping him over 72 hours on a technicality would cause my son to have to continue to stare at walls the entire weekend and cause him further distress (the only distress he had was being stuck in their crappy facility, locked in a TV room for 12 hours a day and that my son should have already been discharged.” He became narcissistic, saying: “I’m not releasing him tonight. There will be a new doctor here tomorrow. They may release him… OR not. If not, I MIGHT release him sometime next week.” I had found lawyer Mark Astor during my previous research and screenshotted his number.. just in case I needed a FREE consultation from a lawyer specializing in Baker Act law. “I let the doctor off the phone and knew WHAT I had to do. GET MY SON OUT. I called Mark Astor, having never heard of him OR spoken to him until 7/23/21. (NOTE: I’ve worked in legal departments and have firsthand experience of working with lawyers. MOST are the same. Overpriced and put in minimal effort. Most lawyers make me sick!”) Mark listened intently, was already keenly aware of my situation, and LAID OUT FLAT what he could do for me. I hired him, with him speaking to me again at 1 am, citing he wanted to get the Habeas Corpus served on this place ASAP, and offered to follow up for details needed to write out the Motion and GET IT SERVED! He called promptly at 7am (6 hours later and on the weekend), guiding me when to hold up, redirecting me, then quickly getting the rough draft over to me for review.” All I can say is “WOW!!!!” I’d NEVER seen such a bold, demanding, accurate Motion in my life! I called him back stating it was absolutely true, but is it “OK” to be this aggressive with our verbiage? He quickly assured me: “This is a BBA (Bogus Baker Act) and we’re getting your son out ASAP. I said, “You’re the lawyer.” and consented. Once the facility was served, they started tripping over their own tongues, feet, hands. It was SO awesome to experience what the power of having a bold, knowledgeable lawyer could accomplish in a very short period of time. In short, unlike this testimonial: “My son was released within 24 hours” and agreed they understood they had a lawsuit coming to them! HIRE THIS LAWYER! YOU WON’T REGRET IT…. OR FORGET IT! Mark, YOU ROCK!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


Mark, I consider us fortunate to have found you. Yes, it was costly, but not nearly as costly as inaction would have been. It absolutely, it was worth it. You told me what you would do, took immediate and decisive action, and guided us along the way. There is no way I would have acheived that quick, positive result on my own, and our family would have suffered even more. Frankly, I hope we never need this type of service again, however, just in case, I have your phone number right there with my important numbers. We are all grateful to you.


My 88 year old wife, 4’11” weighing 100 pounds was “Baher Act-ed” by a neurologist she was consulting, and on a Friday morning was in a hospital miles away from home. I contacted Mark Friday afternoon and held lengthy conversations and consultations Friday night and into the early Saturday hours; Mark filed the necessary papers by Saturday noon with the regional court to obtain an immediate release. The result: my wife was home with me Sunday afternoon. Without Mark’s guidance and help she would have remained in the hospital 3 or more days.

JD – Florida

We were staying in Florida on vacation when a call for a swimming rescue led to a family member being taken into custody and involuntarily confined. We were in a scary and difficult situation, with only a few days before we were to return home. Mark responded right away on a weekend and took immediate action to secure release. He gave direct and reliable advice and made us feel like we had an ally in this fight.

Robert – Florida

Mark really came through for my family. A family member was Baker Acted based on the misunderstanding of another family member. The medical complex did not want to hear any explanations. After three days of frustration, we got Attorney Astor involved and our family member was home within a few hours of filing for their release!

Robert – Florida

Attorney Astor you did a wonderful job. Thank you and Raphe for helping him to leave that facility. They tried to ask him to sign up for 3 more weeks, but he declined. He still needs help so we are arranging for additional treatment.

C.K. – Wisconsin

I highly recommend Mark, he is the only reason my wife was abe to get out of the prison calle North Tampa Behavior Health. Under the Baker Act my wife was taken from our home at 1am. Once I was able to contact her and found out what the place was like, I was extremely upset, then when I learned that even before the 72 hours would be up they filed a ( doc ?) with the court that Friday morning to extend her ” confinement “. I called Mark at 10:30 am the same day, even though I was an emotional basket case he was able to calm me down enough to get the information he needed and a ( doc ?) filed by that afternoon and was in front of a judge before the end of the day. although that was denied he pressed on, and we had a court date set for the following week. Then he put together a/the ( doc ? ) and had a copy faxed to the institution by (date?). During all this time my wife had only 15 min interview with a psychiatrist, once they learned that Mark filed papers for a court date they tried four times to get my wife to sign a voluntarily commitment. Having relayed Mark’s advice not to sign anything, she didn’t. Come Monday morning they decided they would not go to court and released her by 2:30 pm. I know that without Marks excellent work my wife would be there still.

D.G. – Tampa

Mark Astor exceeded my expectations with a prompt response and dedication to our child’s case. The time was not the most convenient and he was there to take quick action. Everything was handled in the most professional way.

C.C. – Fort Lauderdale

Mark and the team at Baker Act Attorneys are the group of people you want in your corner in your time of need. Within a few hours of contacting Mark, he had already prepared and filed a motion for the release of my loved one who desperately needed to come home. After a hearing was scheduled, I was notified that my family member was going to be discharged. I am certain that without Mark’s help this would not have happened and my loved one would still have been held “For Their Own Good”. The process of involuntary commitment is highly stressful and a daunting task to take on by yourself. If you don’t know what the process is or how to fight it you can only make things worse and much more challenging to overcome. Call Mark and his team and you will feel the weight come off your shoulders knowing that you have the best people working for you.

K.B. – Bradenton

Mark Astor was the answer to my prayers before I even had the chance to pray. We could not have found a better lawyer, and we wholeheartedly recommend Mark for your legal needs! Thank You Mark.

D.S. – Jacksonville

I never realized when I made the desperate call to Mark Astor, that he would save my 20 year old daughters life! Mark was a lawyer 2nd and a true caring person 1st! He was professional, sincere, and had a true concern, and I was happy to hire him to help us. Thank for you for everything Mark, you are amazing!

P.R. – Miami

My husband and I felt that Mark was a true friend, and not just our lawyer. This was one of the hardest things we had to do as parents but we know it was the right decision. We cannot thank Mark enough for all his help and support, especially as this all happened the same week as hurricane IRMA

N.S. and M.S. – Jacksonville

“I would wholeheartedly recommend Mark Astor to anyone who has a family member with mental health, drug or alcohol issues and need representation. He will truly fight for you to the end.

L.S. – Boca Raton

It is our complete honor and privilege to recommend attorney Mark Astor. He is someone who first listens, then thoroughly and objectively considers all possible evidence before making a decision. He also had superior speaking and writing skills, which were extremely beneficial to our case. Eternally grateful!!

E.M. – Pompono Beach

Thank you thank you thank you!! Your maturity of character, personal convictions and dedication was well reflected, and our family cannot thank you enough for getting our son home.

W.T. – Fort Lauderdale

We felt Mr. Astor always put our wellbeing before himself in order to accomplish what was right and true. He not only read and researched the evidence of our case, but researched other similar cases so he could get us the best possible outcome.

J.S. – Miami

I am an anxious person and sometimes a relentless person, but our attorney never made me feel that I was either badgering or bothering him. He almost always answered our phone calls and if he didn’t, he was always very quick to respond to us. They made themselves available during times that most would consider after hours, and were always thorough and patient in explaining the details, status, and developments in our case. Thanks again for everything, and God Bless you.

K.T. – Miami

Mark Astor helped save my son’s life after he was wrongfully Baker Acted in Florida. He has been a Godsend to us, I highly recommend Mark if you’re faced with a Baker Act situation. Cannot thank him enough!!!” – M.T., West Palm Beach, FL

P.D. – West Palm Beach

To be honest, we never ever expected a lawyer to go as above and beyond like this. Rest assured that if we are ever in need of legal assistance again, we will be calling you Mark.

T.E. – New York

We have no idea how we could have made it through and or settled matters without you. Thank you SO much for your help, support, guidance, professional expertise and knowledge!!

P.W. – Aventura, FL

The moment we spoke, I knew I had the “right” attorney. Highly recommend Mark Astor for a Baker Act or Marchman Act case.

E.J. – Miami

Mark was worth every dime of his fee, which was not unreasonable. He was so skillful in handling everything thrown at us by the other party and the judge that I never had to testify saving the possibility of complications. I was extremely happy with the outcome!!

D.M. – Orlando

As it turned out, I knew Mark’s father over 30 years ago and I knew he came from great lineage and was well respected. If you hire Mark, I’m confident you will be well served as I was.

R.K. – Ft. Myers

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