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How do I get my child released from a Baker Act facility?

Hello, everyone! It’s Mark, and welcome back. In this video, I want to talk about the Baker Act and minors.

Recently, we have been inundated with calls from parents whose minor children, younger than 12, are getting baker-acted. Sometimes, they post things on social media, and somebody reports that to law enforcement. Sometimes, go to a school counselor and the school counselor then calls law enforcement and the next thing you know, the child is being placed in handcuffs and taken to a Baker Act facility. Sometimes parents will say to me, they would like to file a complaint with the school board against the school, and I said that’s a great option and it’s certainly, one that they should consider, but it’s not going to get their child released from the Baker Act facility.

There are only two ways your child is going to get released from the Baker Act facility. Number one is the facility allows them to leave, or number two, we will go to court, and we will force them to release your child back into your custody. When a child gets baker-acted, they’re basically in the state’s care, custody, and control just like an adult, and once the state has them, the state typically doesn’t want to let them go. So, I think filing a complaint against a school board is a great idea, but if you’re going to get your child out and force the facility to release your child, that means we have to go to court quickly. I’ve said in other videos; typically, these cases are won or lost by who gets to the courthouse first.

With that said, thanks for tuning in. Take care and stay safe.

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