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If I’m stuck in a Baker Act facility and I have no one on the outside who can help me, can you get me out?

Hello, everyone, and welcome back! In this video, I want to talk about the Baker Act and if I can get you out of a facility.

I know that sounds like a strange question, but normally, when somebody gets stuck in a Baker Act facility, a loved one calls me and retains us so that I can file the petition to get their loved one out. That happens because their loved one doesn’t have access to email or the phone or any way to contact me. Occasionally, I get a call from somebody who’s still in a hospital, or maybe they’re in a facility, but they haven’t been secured yet, so they still have access to a phone. On those occasions, I can normally get the person out, but certain documents have to be signed. My retained agreement is one I never take on a client without having a written agreement with them so that they know exactly what they’re getting from me. I sign my name to it and stand behind my words, but more importantly, the petition that has to be filed with the court has to be signed by somebody. It has to be notarized. This means I need a copy of the driver’s license. If you are in a facility, I can, in theory, get you out, but it isn’t very easy. We normally need somebody on the outside to retain us and sign the pleadings that need to get far with the call. If you get baker acted, perhaps time is even more of the essence than it normally would be. At some point, they’re going to take your phone away from you, and they’re going to cut you off from the whole world. You won’t be able to call anybody.

That was a great question. I appreciate the individual who called me who was in a hospital and had been there for just a couple of hours and had already been told they were baker acted even though it didn’t appear they met the criteria. With that said, thanks for the question. See you in the next video.

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