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Financing available

Is there one thing that is consistent in every lawsuit you file in order to secure someone’s release from a Baker Act facility?

Hello, everyone! Welcome to another edition of our video newsletter.

In this video, I want to answer a question that was asked me very recently: in all the lawsuits you file against Baker Act facilities to get somebody out, is there one thing that is consistent in every single case? My answer to that is, yes, show me the money! What I mean by that is in every single case, without exception, that I’ve ever filed to get somebody out of a Baker Act facility, there is health insurance. It could be Obamacare, some short-term medical plan, Medicare, Tricare, or other military-type insurances.

If you go into a facility and have health insurance, the facility has a powerful incentive to keep you because they make money from this. Facilities make money from baker acts by billing your insurance company. Some of you have called me about bills that you’re getting because your insurance company doesn’t want to pay them. That’s the answer to the question when you get committed to a facility. It’s about money.

With that said, stay safe and be well.

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