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We can help you to assert your 2nd amendment rights if the State has taken it away.

Hello everyone, its Mark. And welcome back. So in this video I’m going to talk about a little bit of a hot button issue, which is the Second Amendment right to own, possess and carry a firearm. So look, this is I want to make this clear. I’m not here to support of impose upon you or anybody else my political views.

That’s got nothing to do with it. This is me talking to you objectively as a lawyer about your right to own, carry and possess a firearm. So here in Florida you have a right to get a concealed weapons permit. And here in Florida now really, since COVID came along, we’ve seen so this uptick in the state of Florida, taking away people’s rights to have a firearm. And so sometimes that right can be taken away before a Baker Act or a marching act even occurs under Florida’s red flag laws.
And there’s the issuance of what’s known as a Risk Protection Order RPO. And sometimes we’re seeing where folks are having their Second Amendment right to have a firearm taken away after they’ve been Baker acted or after they’ve been marching acted. And again, this is not a video about whether or not the Baker Act was good or bad or the marching act was good or bad. The simple fact is the states taking that right away. And so one of the things that we can help you with is to challenge that seizure, that removal of your right to have a firearm.

And what I would tell you is these cases are time sensitive. Meaning if you don’t act reasonably quickly, and I know you’ve heard me say that in other videos about other aspects, especially the Baker Act, then you’re going to waive your right to challenge what’s going on here so we can help you. The newest member of my team, Louis Hannah, you can read about him on our website. Actually, he was my division chief when I was a young prosecutor. He’s a fabulous lawyer.

He’s a pit bull in the courtroom and he’s going to do an absolutely bang up job for you. But we can help you with those cases. But obviously you’ve got to call us. You got to reach out to us so that we can move as quickly as possible. Anyway, with that said, I’ll jump off this hot button issue.

I appreciate you tuning in. See in the next video. Bye.

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