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What should I do if I have lost my right to own a firearm?

Hello, everyone. I’m Mark Astor, and I am the founder of Baker Act Attorneys, a law firm that specializes in helping people who have been the victim of a wrongful Baker Act where statutory and constitutional rights have been violated. Welcome to the section of our website where we talk about the right to bear arms, your Second Amendment right to own a firearm, to possess a firearm, to carry a firearm, and if you have been the victim of a wrongful Baker Act, if you have lost your right to own a firearm, if your constitutional right to bear arms has been taken away, we might be able to help you. Please feel free to reach out to us. The toll free number is 854-29-0074. When you call us to speak to Louis Hannah, my colleague, who can help you to potentially reinstate your right to bear arms. Thank you. Bye.

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