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When your loved one says that this time it will be different or they can do this on their own, don’t believe them

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of the Drug and Alcohol Attorney’s video newsletter.

In this particular video, I want to talk about a statement or comment typically made by loved ones who don’t want to go to treatment. One of the things we see here at Drug and Alcohol Attorneys is a pattern of families that call us typically over a period of time, and then they’ll decide not to use us to send their lover to treatment. When I ask them the reason, they tell us that they spoke with their loved ones and tell them it will be different this time. What I want to tell you is that you shouldn’t believe that statement. It’s not because your loved one is a liar; it’s not because your loved one is a bad person. It’s because your loved one is not the one making that statement; the disease of substance use, the disease of mental illness is what’s running the show, and I’m sure that you can think back in time. Remember when your loved one was not like how they are now. The things that you’re seeing, you’re experiencing. The way they’re acting. So, obviously, the goal is to get them back to how they were. If you don’t take action and get them into treatment, they’re either going to prison or going to the morgue.

I’ve talked about how this disease gets worse with time a number of times in different videos. If you want to save your loved one, get them into treatment, and you want to get them there long enough, so they can experience the miracle of recovery. Somebody has to decide. If you are not going to make that decision, somebody else will decide for them. Thanks, take care and be safe!

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