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Why you need an experienced Baker Act Attorney?

I’m holding in my hand a copy of Chapter 394. This document here is the Baker Act. This Florida statute causes so many people to get stuck in facilities and fall into a black hole where they can no longer get themselves out, where they basically disappear.

We get two or three calls a day from families whose loved ones have been taken from them under the auspices of Chapter 394, the Baker Act. It’s a pretty complicated statute. It’s very convoluted. It’s challenging to navigate, and if you don’t hire an experienced lawyer familiar with navigating this thing, you’re going to find your loved one stuck in a facility for up to six months. As drug and alcohol attorneys, we specialize in helping families whose loved ones have substance use and mental illness. We’re especially good at helping families whose loved ones have been committed under the Baker Act.

Give us a call if you’ve got a loved one who has been taken against their will involuntarily against a facility under the Baker Act. I can help you navigate this, and I can help you get your loved one out.

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