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Why our clients chose to work with us as opposed to anybody else?

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Hello, everyone. I’m Mark Astor. I am the founder of Baker Act Attorneys. In this video, I want to talk to you about why our clients chose to work with us as opposed to anybody else.

So number one, it’s because we’re specialists. I don’t do anything else but handle Baker Act cases. I’m not filing car accident cases. I’m not handling divorces. I’m not handling criminal cases. I’m not handling anything else but Baker Acts. This is all I do.

Number two, they hire us because we’re experienced. I’ve been a lawyer for 27 years. I’m licensed in Florida. I’m licensed in the state of Massachusetts. I’m licensed in the District of Columbia. I’m also licensed in the Southern District of Florida for the federal bar and a lot of clients to Harris wants somebody who’s experienced. I’ve also handled cases everything from petty theft to first degree capital murder. When I was a young prosecutor and I’ve been in the court, I’ve spent a lot of time in the courtroom. I’ve probably tried over 200 cases, and our clients want to know that if we have to go to a hearing in front of a judge, they’ve got a lawyer who’s there to represent them, who’s experienced and understands what it is to be in the courtroom.

Number three, they want a lawyer who’s familiar with the bankrupt. And here it is, all 123 pages of the Bakers Chapter 394. I’ve been walking with this statute and in this statute and watching how it’s used since 94, when I was a young prosecutor. And I can tell you every time I read this thing, I lost something new, but it’s a convoluted and complicated statue. And you need a lawyer who’s familiar with it. And that’s one of the other reasons they hire us. Number four, contacts, right. We have contacts who are working in the Bakers Arena. I’m talking about the facilities that are abusing the Baker Act, who are taking custody, people. I’m talking about the clerks of court who help us to file these cases. I’m talking about the lawyers that represents the facilities. I’m talking about the prosecutors who prosecute these cases when they get to a placement hearing, you need somebody who can pick up the phone and get these things handled and get these cases addressed.

Number four, I have a team. I’ve got former law enforcement officers who are on staff. If we need a process served very quickly, I have processor is all over the state who can handle these cases. I even have a licensed clinical social worker who’s on staff. So if we have a loved one who’s stuck in a facility who needs to be transferred, I can get my social worker, my mental health practitioner, to put together a program so that we can present something to a judge and a facility to get your loved one moved so you can maintain control of the situation. State of the state of Florida. And the last reason is because we get things moving quickly. When these cases come to us, time is of the essence. It’s an emergency. There’s no time to wait. You can’t sell these cases for even a day. And so, because this is all we do and we know that these cases are emergencies, we’re able to handle them quickly. Normally, if a client calls me, I can have a case filed within at most 3 hours, and sometimes their loved one is out as a result the same day. And so these are the reasons that our clients work with us.

If you want to talk to me about your Baker at case, feel free to call us the phones on and with that said, thank you very much for listening.

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